A Unique Program

The departments of Classics, Philosophy, and History and Philosophy of Science at the University of Pittsburgh cooperate in offering a program leading to the PhD degree in classics, philosophy, or history and philosophy of science, with a special concentration in ancient philosophy and/or science. 

Although primary association is with one of the three departments, students in the program work closely with one another and with the cooperating faculty, which is drawn from all three departments. 

Through seminars, colloquia, and conferences sponsored by the program, and through writing a dissertation supervised by an interdepartmental committee, students receive rigorous training that prepares them for teaching positions in college or university departments of classics, philosophy, history, or history and philosophy of science. 

For more information, please contact the program director Dr. Christina Hoenig, cmh159@pitt.edu.


The Joint Graduate Program in Classics, Philosophy and Ancient Science is very happy to announce that Professor Christian Wildberg will take up the position of Mellon Professor in Classics and will join the CPAS faculty in the spring of 2018! Prof. Wildberg is a distinguished historian of ancient philosophy, with a focus on the history of Platonism. He also has strong interests in Greek literature, especially tragedy, and Greek religion.

Program Application

  • Students do not apply directly to the CPAS Program
  • Instead, students should apply to one of the cooperating departments (ClassicsHPS, or Philosophy) and indicate their interest in the program on their application.